Faith Equip

Faith Equip is our adult education initiative that is focused on training hearts, minds and souls for Christlikeness. This fall, Faith Equip is offering three different Equip opportunities. Please click on the image to watch a video that will explain more about Faith Equip and the opportunites this fall.

1. Spiritual Gifts (Network)

If you sense that now is the time to get a bit clearer on how God is leading you to serve, we invite you to join us for Network. Network is a course to help you better understand how God has uniquely made you (spiritual gifting, ministry passions, personality) and to guide you to a meaningful place of service. This class meets from September 21st through November 9th from 7:00-8:30 pm at Faith. If you know that you will miss any of the sessions, we would encourage you to wait and sign up for the next course. You may sign up by emailing Debbie, or signing up on our website HERE.

2. Finishing Well – The Spiritual Life of the Already Mature

Age 38 or older captures the “life stages” of the group, but not the “already mature” component. Have you been in Christ for a number of years? Do the old models and dictates of discipleship no longer feel fresh? Have you meaningfully wondered about your own death and what Christian legacy you wish to leave behind?

Spiritual discipleship looks different for those who have been walking with Christ for a number of years, and for those in the second half of life (near-empty nesters, empty nesters, retirees, etc.). The author of our main text gives this thesis statement: “The mark of a very mature disciple of Jesus, and the mark of someone truly giving his or her life away is this: he or she is a person who blesses others and blesses the world, just as God does and just as Jesus did.” In September, we’ll focus on spiritual direction. In November, we’ll take up relevant topics, such as parenting adult children/grandparenting, administrating end of life issues, and (believe it or not) “the Christian art of dying well.”

This group will begin Sept. 7th and meet weekly in September and November (Ends Nov. 16) on Wednesdays from 7:00-8:30 PM at Faith. To sign up visit our website or email Debbie,

3. Introduction to the Bible

The Bible is foundational to our faith. Through it we learn about God and our lives are formed. But what is the nature of the Bible exactly? How did we get it? How can we learn to hear from God through it? These and other vital questions will be explored in Introduction to the Bible. This group, which is for adults, is an introduction class, but it is also a chance to dig deeper on a number of issues that are foundational to our faith and our relationship with God.

More information and materials HERE (use access key – “Faith EFC” – with a space). *Meets on Saturdays from 9:00 AM to noon on Oct. 1, 8, 29 & Nov. 12 at Faith. To sign up, email Debbie, or visit our website HERE.

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